Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monster Energy Extra Strength (Nitrous Technology): Anti Gravity

Brand: Monster Energy
Variety: Extra-Strength Nitrous Technology
Flavor: Anti-Gravity

Caffeine Energy Content: 5000mg (actual caffeine content not specified)

Other Key Ingredients:

Calorie count per serving: 160
Serving size: one 12oz. can

To begin with, this little can (and it is little compared to other Monster cans) is supposedly injected with Nitrous Oxide to give it a bonus kick (which is likely why the can is very reminiscent of a can of nitro). The reality of the situation, however, is you're not really drinking laughing gas. They've made it with carbonated and nitrogenated water, which really just makes it fizzier and gives it an interesting little swirly smoky effect when you pop the top.

That being said, this little can packs quite a punch.

Over the years, my body has built up something of a tolerance to caffeine, so that I can drink a bottle of Bawls (that review will come later) and then go right to bed and sleep the whole night straight through. This little beast, however, is another story. I drank this bad boy at 3pm during the workday to power me through to 5 o'clock. I had a bag of pretzels with it. No big deal, right?

The burst of energy hit me like a friggin' train. I wouldn't say I was wired, and I certainly wasn't jittery, but I was going.

And going.

And going.

Until 3 in the morning.

Granted, had I actually eaten something I might have saved myselfthe trouble, but I did hit the gym after work for an hour and was still ready to roll afterward. Also on the upside, I absolutely learned the proper way to PvP as a warlock in WoW because I was pwning n00bs in ways I don't think they've invented yet...and I suck at PvP.

When it finally did wear off, there wasn't a crash, surprisingly. There was a perfectly natural feeling of sleepiness (honestly, to be expected at 3am after working a 9-5, I think), and I slept through the night just fine, a solid 8 hours. (Thank goodness I pulled this on a Friday or my boss would have killed me).

So, energy wise? This is a solid little product.

Energy Rating: 5/5

Now as for the flavor, it's this neat little tropical citrus flavor that goes down nice and smooth. It doesn't have that odd chalky taste to it that the regular Monster products have, which is nice. It's actually a bit tangy and sour and reminds me more of a regular soda than an energy drink. The only downside to it is that it is gassy. Seriously, it may not give you gas, but there's a good shot you might end up with digestive issues by the end of the day or possibly the next morning. It's not a serious thing, and it does eventually wear off (provided you're not chasing a can of this with another can of this), but it can result in some discomfort in the bathroom.

Hey, I tell it like it is. Be glad I'm not being more graphic.

Flavor Rating: 5/5

Side-effect Rating: 4/5 (because no one particularly enjoys being stuck in the bathroom)

Overall Rating: ~4.7/5


  1. Hellll yeah! I'm following your blog! Genius! So glad I found this. Thank Google and people with drug-seeking tendencies for tons of new hits on your blog!

    Care to check mine out in exchange? Regardless, I'll still be following. Please keep posting. Please. I've got some interesting caffeine related stories if I can do a guest write sometime?

  2. I usually love all monster drinks, except rehab because I'm not fond of getting a mouth full of tea leaves half way through a drink. Anti gravity tasted weird after the first couple sips and it honestly ha no effect on me. A bad taste and no energy is bad for an energy drink. Especially one that is claimed to be extra strength.

  3. I have had extra strength twice now and it has helped me stay up. I am in the military and we have to pull 24 hr duty occasionally and aren't allowed to sleep. Energy drinks usually make me sleep not this one how ever. I wait till I can't last any longer.

  4. Honestly, the Extra Strength Didn't have no affect on me :( If anything It made me more tired than I was! hmm... I loved the taste tho! I love all monster!

  5. I love anti gravity extra strength. We are grown folks if we want to OD on caffeine that's our business. This product is amazing. I'm so pissed monster pulled it in Alabama. Wth. I'm protesting. Bring back my orangish yellow friend monster. Please